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iCELLis® Nano Bioreactor and Xpansion® Multiplate Bioreactor

Pall Biotech is standardizing its range of single-use, benchtop bioreactors with the innovative mPath™ control system. The mPath control system which launched in July 2017 is an expandable control and data management system, including both bioreactor control towers and an advanced supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software package. Designed with a strong focus on ease of use, the system is already available with the XRS 25 bioreactor which launched August 2017, and from March 2018 will also be available with the iCELLis® Nano bioreactor system, and the Xpansion® multiplate bioreactor system.


The new iCELLis Nano bioreactor system is designed to make process development and small scale production of virus for vaccines or gene therapy easy and straightforward. In addition to being compatible with the mPath control system, the iCELLis Nano bioreactor now has a redesigned docking station which integrates perfusion, improves heating, and adds a variety of ease-of-use features.


The Xpansion multiplate bioreactor system is the optimal technology for the scale-up and production of adherent cells such as those used for cell and gene therapies. Because of its similar surface chemistry to conventional 2D systems, process development and scale-up is easy and straightforward. Its highly compact design allows for reduced set-up time, significant process intensification and reduced manufacturing footprint. It is closed and single-use, eliminating the need for many manual interventions and significantly decreasing the risk of contamination.


The already available, Allegro™ XRS 25 bioreactor system improves on existing rocker-style bioreactors with the use of an Allegro 3D biocontainer coupled with a unique bi-axial agitation mode that creates more efficient mixing, higher mass transfer and superior temperature stability. This in turn creates superior cell culture performance: higher cell densities, higher cell viabilities and increased total product titer. These features make the Allegro XRS 25 the platform of choice for small batches of recombinant protein and mAb from CHO and insect cell culture. 

Allegro™ STR 50 L Bioreactor

Small in size, big on performance: The Allegro™ STR 50 L bioreactor is coming! Applying a direct scale down engineering design approach to the Allegro STR 200 L bioreactor, it will leverage usability and process assurance features that have differentiated Pall’s Allegro STR bioreactor product range from all others in the single-use bioreactor market in the last year. A true 5:1 turndown promotes full process control at 10 L, enabling seeding from a rocker system or small benchtop bioreactor. The Allegro STR 50 L bioreactor’s multitude of options can be utilized in a process development laboratory or a cGMP manufacturing environment, and the intuitive software features provide even more robust controlling capabilities to adapt to the dynamic conditions that an operator may require from systems used in the mAb and gene therapy space.

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