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New Product Introduction: Cadence™ Virus Inactivation System

September 25, 2017

The Cadence Virus Inactivation (VI) system is a fully automated system that provides the ability to perform low pH virus inactivation to an incoming elution stream continuously, with minimal operator involvement.


The system will collect the elution stream from a Cadence BioSMB Process system, however it can easily process as standalone system or with a batch chromatography system.


Automation of the manual operations of elution collection, titration to low pH, hold, titration to high pH and then transfer out. The system comprises of a control unit which attaches to one or two system specific Allegro™ single-use mixers dependent on the application. The specification of the manifolds currently supports 24 hours continuous operation.

Cadence™ Virus Inactivation System

New single-use continuous chromatography system for perfusion and batch bioreactor-based processes.